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I am just a simple girl. MOODY but LOVABLE. SHY but FRIENDLY. :D . well, as far as I know, i love all my friends & bestfriends. -you? do you want to be my friend? thats totally awsome :)

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Friday, March 26, 2010@ 8:29 PM | 1 Comments

CAN YOU IMAGINE ??? PHILIPPINE YUH CHIAU SCHOOL is full of PEOPLE?. I was so shocked because our school is full with people, these people came from different schools in whole ISABELA. We organized the 2010 kiddie meet. I am one of the facilitators in this event. Fatigue, hunger and thristiness is what I feel when I facilitate in this event. I also enjoyed because I am with my friends. ANd this is my first time to facilitate an event like this, it is exhausting but it is also enjoyable. This event serves as a memory from my school.

delighted & desolate
Thursday, March 25, 2010@ 2:43 AM | 0 Comments
I am so delighted and calm when I found out that I still belong to the science class. And also my best friends : Via and Eden , and also my close friends :). But I am also desolate because eight of my classmates are eliminated, and seven of them are one of my friends . I will gonna miss them :(( . I love them all :) .


Tuesday, March 23, 2010@ 4:50 AM | 0 Comments

This is spongebob^^ . Well , I am addicted to him. He is my favorite. I love collecting spongebob stuffs. Yesterday, I went out with my groupmates, we went to Santiago for important reason. While waiting, we went to the mall and i saw a spongebob backpack. I wanna buy the bag but i dont have MONEY :( . Oh, poor me .

@ 1:34 AM | 0 Comments
Yesterday, I just finshed to watch "A WALK TO REMEBER". The story is good and touchy. The story is written by Nichloas Sparks, my favorite author. The main characters are Mandy Moore as Jamie and Shane West as Landon. While watching, I noticed that Shane West and my uncle are like identical twins. They have the same forehead and nose.(LOL). I told that to my elder sister and she agreed with me. I remember my uncle making joke that many people told him that he is like an american, well , I said yes. AMERICAN FLAT NOSE . But i am just joking, nothing personal and we laugh and laugh .(LOL)